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The greatest gift of the year for our guests! Amazing complex opened in Astana for the first time, or rather, the mysterious world of the Jurassic period — DinoPark. The most real dinosaurs of the most real sizes and many other interesting surprises take you to many millions of years ago. Dinopark – it is the last representatives of Carnivoras of the late Cretaceous period — 15 meter long Tyrannosaurus, 14 meter African Pterodactyls, Caudipteryx of the early Cretaceous period, Apatosaurus of 150 million years ago, Mongolian Velociraptors, North American Triceratops, Maiasaura lived in Montana, Toothless Pteranodon and many other representatives of dinosaurs and reptiles, and in general — the only park of this kind in the whole Commonwealth Countries and Central Asia.

Hurry up to see it! Dinopark is waiting for you!

«Khan Shatyr» SEC, 4th floor, Fame City Game Center.