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Results of the raffle «OYNAKHAN»

September 26 was the official closing of the campaign «Oynakhan». Recall that the action started on May 30 and quickly gained about 30,000 coupon holders. The terms were simple: it was necessary to make a purchase at 20,000 tenge in any boutique in SEC «Khan Shatyr» and get a ticket to participation. The main prize of the lottery has become a comfortable apartment in a new residential complex Citylake.

On the day of completion gathered crowd of visitors who waited for the announcement of results and the winner’s name. To get a coupon from the drum, a little boy invited out of the room. He pulled out the winning ticket, the owner of which was Smagulova Gulim.

Administration of the SEC «Khan Shatyr» congratulates Smagulova Gulim with a big win and wish happiness and prosperity in the new apartment!